Why hiring a doula is worth the moula.

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Let’s not try and kid ourselves that having a baby isn’t one of the most profoundly life-altering events you will ever experience. It’s overwhelming, exciting and bloody scary. So why go it alone?

When you learn to drive a car for the first time you don’t just get in and go for it, you have an expert by your side explaining the process and guiding you. They aren’t there to drive the car for you but they do make sure you understand how everything works and they’ll help you to stay calm and be safe.

That’s not a million miles away from the role of a birth doula. We are there to guide you through the journey, to educate you and support you both emotionally and physically. Everything a driving instructor does is working towards you smashing your driving test (not literally I hope) and everything a doula does is working towards you being calm, prepared and educated for the big day when your baby arrives.

So here’s why I am worth the moula if I’m your doula.

· I’m going to get to know you and your partner so I understand how you “tick”. What you like, what you hate, what you want to achieve and how you want to do it.

· I’m going to give you my undivided attention. I’m going to be available for you lean on throughout your pregnancy and when I go on-call for you I’m poised and ready 24/ 7.

· During your birth you and your comfort are my only concern. Studies show that one to one care alone can have a hugely positive impact on your experience.

(Check out the study here!)

· I have been at a lot of births, I’ve seen, heard and experienced a ton of stuff and I’ll draw on that experience when I work for you.

· I know “people”. Not in a hitman type of way, but more like someone who can advise you on babywearing, a recommendation for an awesome yoga class near you, a top-notch breastfeeding guru, a badass chiropractor, that sort of thing. Signposting at it’s best.

· I’ll be there for your partner. At a time when lot’s of birth-partners feel out of their comfort zone and don’t know how to make it all stop or go away I can make them feel calm, collected and able to be the best support possible for you.

· I am very (and I mean VERY) practical. I have a doula bag, full of useful birthy stuff-think Mary Poppins and her carpet bag. I can really help organise things and deal with logistics taking the pressure of you.

· I’ve got a really cool birth pool if you want to have a water birth at home. It’s quick, simple and I’ll organise it all for you. I promise you’ll love it!!!

There are many more reasons to hire a doula and the most important thing is clicking with them, so the interview is vital, as is meeting a few different ones if possible. Women remember what happened at their births for the rest of their lives, and I really mean that, not every detail but certain things will stay with them forever. Our experiences, both good and bad, shape us and make us who we are. Having a good, caring team around us can only ever be a positive and something every woman deserves.

So, I think it’s safe to say a good doula really is worth the moula and I would love to meet you and have a chat about how you want to be supported. Give me a call.


Call me on 0777334559 for a chat about my Doula services!

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