Why choose hypnobirthing?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

It’s not unusual to meet someone who is scared shitless by the thought of giving birth. All that hard work, pain, sweating your tits off whilst everyone yells “push” at you. It doesn’t really sound like much fun does it? Is that you? Are you terrified? I totally get that.

By the time we’re adults and planning our own families we’ve been subconsciously drip-fed ideas about what birth is like. If you’ve ever seen a birth scene in a film or a tv program it’s usually scary, painful, there’s often panic and a life or death situation and then the doctor sweeps in at the end and saves the day. If you’ve ever seen an episode of One Born Every Minute, well, what can I say?? The show was edited in a way to make it “interesting” to watch, often with little explanation of why something was happening or the time-frame it was taking place in. It was mainly sensationalised, heavily medicalised births and the fact the opening credits were accompanied by a woman screaming says it all. If they ever showed a hypnobirth or hands-off physiological birth they’d play daft music over the top, making out these were the “odd” and “hippy” births. Occasionally there was a nice birth to watch (I often show one particular one on my course) but they were few and far between.

These images get stored away in our subconscious mind, along with the horror stories about birth you may have heard from family and friends, or things you’ve read in the media. I imagine the brain as a filing cabinet (bear with me here, it does make some sense, I promise) So everyone has a file in their brain marked “BIRTH”. It’s full of everything you’ve heard, seen and read about birth, whether you remember it or not. When you are preparing for your own birth this file is what your brain refers to, forming opinions about how it’s going to be for you. Hopefully you’ll have a few positive things tucked away in there too but it might not be very many and I’d like to help you change that.

A good place to start is to follow my Instagram page @sarahsayerbirthgeek where I share positive birth stories and images. The reality of birth is actually that it’s often calm, slow and steady, emotional, beautiful and perfectly normal.

So how does hypnobirthing help? Well, actually it’s pretty simple. On my course I’ll teach you how to you create a new “BIRTH” folder for your filing cabinet. Everyone responds to different methods so there’s something for everyone. The hypnobirthing part of the course looks at using affirmations, breathing techniques, relaxation and visualisations. When it comes to the brain and all of its complexities these are very powerful tools indeed. Yes, you will need to put in some practice in your own time too and you may get the odd piece of homework thrown in too but it’s definitely worth the effort. You’ll receive MP3’s to listen too which are really great at filling your new “BIRTH” folder with positive feelings and thoughts about birth and there is also a 200-page paperback to accompany the course for those of you who love a good read.

Also, the course will teach you so much about the birth process, how it works, what helps it along and what slows it down. You’ll understand the hormones involved in pregnancy and birth and the huge impact they have on your baby’s birth-day. It is a complete antenatal education for your you and your birth partner (they are often just as terrified at the thought of birth, if not more). You’ll learn to work together as a team and you’ll end the course feeling more ready for the birth of your baby than you ever thought possible.

Who knows, you may even be excited about it.

Find out more about my upcoming hypnobirthing courses, or get send me an email for more information at

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