Do your Homework!!!

So, I’m not going to beat around the bush here. People, ffs, will you please take some time to educate yourself about birth? Never again do I want to hear someone say “but the midwives know what’s best, I’ll leave it to them” or “but no-one knows how it’s going to go so I’ll just wing it on the day” Quite honestly this just isn’t going to cut it. You only get one chance when it comes to a birth, don’t leave it to chance. Own it.

EDUCATE YOURSELVES! Read, watch, listen, plan, read some more and empower yourself. I have heard some horror stories in my time, people who had such a hard time navigating their own births that they never want to do it again, people who are emotionally scarred, partners who are traumatised. It doesn’t have to be like this, it really doesn’t.

The world is going to shit right now, this pandemic has turned everything on its head and whilst you can go to the pub with your mates or sit in a cinema you have to go it alone for scans and even in the early stages of labour. That’s fucking terrifying. I honestly can’t get my head around it and I urge you to follow the #butnotmaternity campaign to help get changes made in your local trust.

So more than ever before this is the time to understand what is happening to you, to plan how you will cope with the different stages of your birth, to work out what you want and what you don’t want and how to make that happen. You need to find your voice and speak up, don’t get swept along on the conveyor belt of birth. One size does not fit all when it comes to birth and you are an individual, hospital protocol and policies are not written with individuals in mind and what is right for one person is not always right for the next.

If you have done your homework you will be educated about birth, if you are educated about birth you can make decisions based on knowledge and fact, if you are making informed decisions you are in control and no matter which path your birth takes you will be more satisfied with the outcomes because you chose them, they didn’t just happen to you.

So how do you educate yourself? Well that’s the easy bit. There is literally a ton of information out there on birth. So many amazing websites, books, videos. Follow people who inspire you, see who they follow. is a great place to start for independent information on pregnancy and birth.

Get in touch if you’d like to do one of my courses. I mix ten years of first-hand birth experiences, antenatal education, hypnobirthing skills and a bucket load of passion to deliver sessions which are literally jam packed with all the info and tips you need to take charge of your birth.

I promise you won’t ever regret learning how to be the boss of your own experience. It’s your birth. Own it!!


Call me on 0777334559 for a chat about my Doula or Hypnobirthing services!

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