Nadia's Speedy Homebirth

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

When I first met Nadia and her partner Jack we got on so well and I knew instantly that I wanted to work with them, so I was really pleased when they decided to book me to support their birth and to teach them hypnobirthing. Nadia did so much reading and preparation before her birth and I really enjoyed our hypnobirthing sessions, during which we were able to get to know each other better and I was able to get a real understanding of what they both wanted from their birth experience.

The day baby E arrived Nadia had sent a message saying she thought things were happening, she was as cool as a cucumber and I offered to nip over a bit later and spend some time with them (thinking she was in early labour) and she said yes. I was actually expecting to sit with her for an hour or two, going through some hypnobirthing stuff, maybe doing some massage and then slip out to leave them feeling relaxed and able to progress through the early stage of labour undisturbed and unobserved, knowing I would return whenever they felt they needed me.

However, it soon became clear that baby E had other plans and soon Nadia was on the phone.....

"As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I read about a million books and came to the decision that I wanted to have a home birth and that I wanted a doula to support me and my partner. Being that this was my first pregnancy, the knowledge that I would have a doula with me in early labour before the midwives came was incredibly reassuring.

We met Sarah over coffee in Southbourne and as soon as we left we knew we wanted her to guide us. We loved having hypnobirthing sessions at home (in the room where I planned to birth my son) and they not only educated us about all the aspects of labour but reassured us that we were making the right decisions for us.

On the day, I felt some discomfort at about 7:30pm so rang the midwives who told us it was too early. It was getting progressively worse, so we called the midwives who again told us we had a long time to go. About an hour later my water broke and we called Sarah who rushed round and as soon as she entered she told me ‘Nadia you are in active labour!’ It seemed we’d missed the early labour stage all together!

Sarah and my partner rushed to get the pool ready whilst taking turns applying counter pressure and helping me through each contraction. By the time the midwives arrived (after Sarah insisted they hurry up!) I was 9cm and it was into the pool. Sarah was wonderful, coaching both me and my partner through each contraction and helping me with my breath, fetching me fluids and politely suggesting I lay off the gas and air! 4 hours after my water broke, my son was born in a beautiful dark and quiet room.

Sarah was amazing before, during and after the birth and really enabled us to have the calm home birth we wanted. I have recommended and will continue to recommend her to every pregnant person I know. It’s an investment in the most important day of your life!"

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