Birth Doula Services

It's true! Doulas really DO make a difference. All the research and studies show that by having me as part of your birth team you are...

LESS likely to have a Caesarean birth

LESS likely to have an instrumental delivery

LESS likely to ask for an epidural (or other painkillers) 

LESS likely to be induced

LESS likely to experience postnatal depression

MORE likely to feel happy with your birth experience 

MORE likely to succeed at breastfeeding 

MORE likely that your birth partner feels involved and informed

The benefits of continuous support from someone you are familiar with and who knows you and your partner are huge. If you're a fan of facts and figures this link will point you in the direction of study papers and research.


I've been supporting births for 12 years, so I have a very broad range of experience. I've worked in many different scenarios and in all different settings- in hospital, at home and in theatre. I can honestly say each birth brings something new, I'm still blown away by the incredible process of birth and what determined and confident parents are able to achieve

A big part of what I do is in the preparation before your birth, that's when the magic begins as we meet and get to know each other more. I'll teach you everything you need to know before your big day and whilst we're doing that I begin to see what makes you tick, what your strengths are, what your fears are, how you and your partner work together, what makes you laugh and what scares the shit out of you, what makes you feel safe and even how you like your tea.

I do all this because you are individual, you have your own unique story and you will have your own unique birth experience. One size does not fit all.

So what does my doula support look like? Well you can expect..


  • Email/phone support throughout pregnancy and a WhatsApp group for you and your partner

  • At least 4 antenatal preparation sessions 

  • Hypnobirthing (entirely optional but included with no extra charge)

  • Loads of information, resources & signposting

  • Debrief of any previous birth experiences

  • Lot's of help preparing you both mentally and physically for birth

  • On-Call 24/7 from 38 weeks (flexible depending on circumstances)

  • Personalised labour support for you & your partner at home or in hospital

  • Postnatal visit for feeding support & birth debrief (usually involves cake!!)

  • On-going phone/email/WhatsApp support 

  • Use of my professional birth pool (for home births, depending on availability)

Choosing your doula is very personal, what each family requires from me can really vary so let’s meet, have a good chin-wag and see if we fit together. I can explain further how my services work, you can ask any questions you have and we can see if we "click" 

I only take on a limited number of birth clients per year and I'm often booked far in advance so if you are interested in this service it's never too early to enquire. I can promise you you won't regret investing in your birth experience, you'll remember it for the rest of your life-so make it as positive as you can.

Birth Doula Package - £1,200 including all expenses, pool hire, travel, hypnobirthing etc

I offer monthly payment plans.

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Sarah massaged my back through each contraction knowing exactly where to place her thumbs and add pressure and she was so amazing, supportive and sometimes I wasn't even aware that she was in the room. She gave me all the support/drinks/help that I needed at the exact moment I needed it...almost predicting what would help me through each breath. It may sound a bit hippie, but we were really working as one.