Birth Doula Services

Doulas really DO make a difference. Studies show that by having one you are LESS likely to have a Caesarean birth, an instrumental delivery, the need for an epidural (or other painkillers) and are less likely to be induced. Having doula support means you are more likely to feel satisfied with your birth experience, more likely to succeed at breastfeeding and less likely to experience postnatal depression. 

I have a very broad range of experience, working in many different scenarios and in many different settings- in hospital, at home and in theatre. 

Every client has specific requirements but here are the basics of what you can expect from me:

  • Email and Phone support throughout pregnancy

  • 4 antenatal sessions (this can include my Hypnobirthing course)

  • Information, resources & signposting

  • Debrief of previous birth experiences

  • Help preparing you mentally and physically for birth

  • On-Call 24/7 from 38 weeks (flexible depending on circumstances)

  • Personalised labour support for you & your partner

  • Postnatal visit for feeding support & birth debrief

  • On-going phone and email support

Choosing your doula is very personal so let’s meet, have a good chin-wag and see if we fit together.


I am currently still working with clients during covid19. I am physically supporting homebirths and offering telephone & video call support for hospital births or transfers from homebirths. 

Birth Doula Package - £1,200

(This includes a place on one of my hypnobirthing courses)

Sarah massaged my back through each contraction knowing exactly where to place her thumbs and add pressure and she was so amazing, supportive and sometimes I wasn't even aware that she was in the room. She gave me all the support/drinks/help that I needed at the exact moment I needed it...almost predicting what would help me through each breath. It may sound a bit hippie, but we were really working as one.